Commercial Loans

Whether you’re looking to purchase an office, upgrading to a bigger warehouse or looking to purchase an investment, we can help you.
How much can I borrow
How much can I borrow

Securing a commercial loan

Commercial loans are often a necessity for small business owners who want to buy their own premises. But commercial property loans come with their own unique set of rules and factors that affect how much you can borrow.

Financing a commercial property purchase can feel like a daunting process for both new and sophisticated investors, and it is easy to be overwhelmed.

At Flexible Home Loans, we can help shopping around for a commercial loan. With access to over 50 leading banks and non-bank lenders, we compare hundreds of loans to find one that is suitable for your needs.

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The Loan Amount

Commercial property lenders each have their own policies but as a general guide. The loan amounts available are:

Commercial property loans from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000 are on a case by case basis.
How much can I borrow
How much can I borrow
How much can I borrow

The Property Type

Different types of security represent different risks to the Lenders. Standard commercial properties are usually the best type of security for a commercial property loan. For example:

Standard security is classed as:

How we can help

Whether you’re looking to purchase an office, upgrade to a bigger warehouse, or looking to buy an investment, Flexible Home Loans can help you find and secure a competitive commercial loan.

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