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Personal face to face specialist advice on the Northern Beaches Brookvale (Life Insurance, Income Protection, Key Person Insurance, TPD Insurance), from a name you can trust: Menzies Financial Planning. Have you ever thought what would happen to your family if you weren’t around? Especially if they are dependent on you for financial support. We all know life is full of unexpected events. The death of a loved one can put enormous strain, both emotionally and financially, on a family.
It is critical to ensure you are not exposed to financial risk through accident or misfortune that could jeopardise you or your family’s lifestyle. If not properly protected, these risks may seriously undermine, or even completely destroy, you and your family’s financial security.

Key Questions

What Is Your Most Valuable Asset?

Your most valuable asset is your income. If you look at everything you’ve achieved, you’ll know that your income covers a lot more than just the bills. It’s provides for everything you hope to build for the future. Despite this, it is the one thing many people forget to insure. What if you lost your regular income due to sudden illness or injury? Where will the funds come from to cover mortgage, standard bills, school fees, living essentials and (if appropriate) the fixed costs of running a business? Income Protection Insurance can help safeguard your income and protect your dreams. As income protection premiums are generally tax deductible, it just may be more affordable then you thought. In fact you may even have your Superannuation Fund to pay it for you.

What About Your Other Assets?

For many people that have the unfortunate situation of losing their home, investment property or motor vehicle through, fire, theft or another event, know only to well that having insurance is one of the keys to getting back to normality. Find out if you are over-insured or under-insured in any of these areas: Life Insurance, Income Protection, Key Person Insurance, TPD Insurance. Protect the things you love most and it not costing you an arm and a leg. Phone 0411 667 150, otherwise complete the contact form and a representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

We Can Help You To Make The Right Choice

Menzies Financial Planning ensures you receive objective, flexible advice that is tailored your needs. We can help you to review your insurance requirements, evaluate policies, ensure that you have the best possible level of cover and provide practical recommendations.

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